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In the age of Internet of Things and Big Data, technology revolution leads companies on the road of digital transformation. A prerequisite for maintaining a company's competitiveness and growth is the exploitation of new digital tools and technologies.


In HAVAKIS – MEGALONISOS, we invest in latest technologies and we have one of the most specialized and efficient information systems of the Greek market, enabling us to be 24 hours a day online with our branches in Crete

The information system supports all HUB's operations both in Athens and Crete (such as Pricing, Accounting, Management of Shipments, Management of Pay-on-Delivery etc), while it allows in combination with the flow of processes and information the extraction of aggregated data and statistics, as well as credible key performance indicators (KPIs).

Concerning the shipments, modern IOD systems ("Information of Delivery") certify deliveries of goods, while the private fleet of vehicles is monitored in real time by telematic systems.

In order to better serve the most demanding customers and to ensure the high quality and security of our services, we have installed a state-of-the-art call center and dedicated server room, as well as regular backup to secure all files. 

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